How do i find out if a queue is not empty?

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Baf85 on 18 Jun 2021
Commented: Baf85 on 26 Jun 2021
Hi. I'm modelling an elevator with SimEvents. Therefore i want to know at certain points, if there's someone waiting in the different levels of the building, which means there's an entity in the respective entity queue. My idea was to compare the number of entities in the queue with a compare to constant block. But then i don't know how to continue.

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Abdolkarim Mohammadi
Abdolkarim Mohammadi on 24 Jun 2021
At such points, the next block to which the Compare blocks are connected, is a Hit crossing block.
Baf85 on 26 Jun 2021
Thank you, for your answer, but i've already found another solution.
i created a function where i can check different queues. 1-7 are the signals from the different queues and u is the queue i wanto check. If there's an entity in the queue y = 1 if not y = 0.
Baf85 on 26 Jun 2021
In the picture above is an error. It should be if(u8==1), elseif(u8==2)...

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