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Randomly select a number from a column of a stored matrix, stores the respective row

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I am a novice MATLAB user, so please bear with me. I have a 256x5 double value stored, and the first column is just the numbers 0-255. The next 4 columns are a sequence of 4 numbers in a specific order.
I am trying to write a code that selects a number from Column 1 at random(0-255), and then subsequently saves the respective 4 element array/vector (of the row selected). How do you think I can accomplish this?

Accepted Answer

Sky Sartorius
Sky Sartorius on 17 Jun 2021
You can use randi to randomly generate the index you need,
rowInd = randi(256,1);
then use that index to pull out the row from your matrix M:
fourElementVector = M(rowInd,2:end);
Of course this can also be done in one step:

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