How can I create an animation from a quiver plot into a separate figure?

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Shelby Hacker
Shelby Hacker on 14 Jun 2021
Answered: Aghamarsh Varanasi on 17 Jun 2021
I have a code to show velocity of blue points focused towards a point of interest which is the red plus. I am able to view the quiver normally, but would like to add movement in another figure. Am I able to see the blue points follow this path to the red plus? How would I achieve this?
You will need objectFlow.m:
function [Vxi,Vyi,Psi,Phi] = objectFlow(xi,yi,ui,vi,S,X,Y)
% doubletFlow Calculates the x and y component of the path vector due to a
% doublet flow
% Uses Laplacian Transforms to calculate x and y components from global
% corrdinates X,Y, the source location xi,yi, and strength S
r = sqrt((X-xi).^2+(Y-yi).^2);
theta = atan2(Y-yi,X-xi)-atan2(vi,ui);
Vr = -S.*cos(theta)./(2.*pi.*r.^2);
Vt = -S.*sin(theta)./(2.*pi.*r.^2);
Vxi = Vr.*cos(theta)+Vt.*cos(theta+pi/2);
Vyi = Vr.*sin(theta)+Vt.*sin(theta+pi/2);
Psi = -S.*sin(theta)./(2.*pi.*r);
Phi = (S.*cos(theta))./(2.*pi.*r);
Here is my code so far:
close all;
%Robot Team Spawn is random------------------------------------------------
n = 10; %Number of Robots
XY = 1 * rand(2,n); %Next point, right now completely random
f1 = figure;
f2 = figure;
for i=1:n
grid on;
hold on
axis([0 1 0 1])
pause(.3)%how fast or slow each point plots
%Invader Team Spawn is random----------------------------------------------
a = 1; %Number of Invaders
AB = 1 * rand(2,a); %Next point, right now completely random
for i=1:a
hold on
axis([0 1 0 1])
pause(.3) %how fast or slow each point plots
%Goal Spawn is fixed-------------------------------------------------------
c = 0.5;
d = 0.5;
%Quiver Plot---------------------------------------------------------------
U = 1*(AB(1) - .5);
V = 1*(AB(2) - .5);
for t = 1:200
[U2,V2,PSI11,PHI2] = objectFlow(AB(1),AB(2),U,V,.1,XY(1,:),XY(2,:));
hold on;
hold on;
XY(1,:) = XY(1,:) + U2*.1;
XY(2,:) = XY(2,:) + V2*.1;

Answers (1)

Aghamarsh Varanasi
Aghamarsh Varanasi on 17 Jun 2021
To create an animation by plotting random points, you need to capture each frame of the figure and write to a 'gif' file. For more information and sample code you can refer to this community post.
Note that: you might want to set the x, y axis limit using xlim, ylim to set the frame as a constant. If the limits also tend to me random, you can omit line 2 of the script in the blog post.





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