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How do I separate negative datas with their row?

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Gary Ong
Gary Ong on 14 Jun 2021
Commented: Gary Ong on 14 Jun 2021
First 2 rows contain the long/lat;third row contains the land/water values. I want to separate the files into land and water xyz files for bathymetry use therfore I need the negative values from the 3rd column and their respective rows. I would like to extract the whole row of data containing negative numbers in any of the columns. It has 9135x3 cells of data. Any idea how to do this?

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 14 Jun 2021
Edited: KSSV on 14 Jun 2021
Let H be your third column.
idx = H<0 ; % get all negative values logical indices
lon1 = lon(idx) ;
lat1 = lat(idx) ;
H1 = H(idx) ;
If A is your data of size 9135x3.
iwant = A(A(:,3)<0,:) ;
Gary Ong
Gary Ong on 14 Jun 2021
It worked! Thank you for your patience and guidance! @KSSV

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