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splitting 2 rows of excel using matlab

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Sourav Datta
Sourav Datta on 12 Jun 2021
Answered: KSSV on 15 Jun 2021
I have 121 rows with data in excel - data for 120 subjects
The first row is the heading coloumn
I want that if Matlab can split each of the 2 rows - heading row and one other row - to be spilit into new excel sheet
So I want Matlab to split the data into 120 excel files with the heading row constant in them combined with another row
Can anyone help ??
Sourav Datta
Sourav Datta on 15 Jun 2021
in simple words
picking up any 2 rows from a series of rows in an excel file and then create another separate excel file keeping only the 2 rows
So if there are 120 rows and I want to split it into multiple excels by keeping the 1st row (which will be constant in all the excel sheets) and any other 1 row
How do I do it

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Answers (1)

KSSV on 15 Jun 2021
T = readtable(myfile) ; % excel file with extension
n = height(T) ;
for i = 1:n
fname = strcat('row',num2str(i),'.xlsx') ;


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