How to connect battery exported as FMU to grid?

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I have an electricity network with 4 bus in which I connect different devices, like PVs, betteries, etc as FMUs. I would like to use the battery model from simscape, but I am not sure how is the proper way to connect it to the bus after I have exported it as FMU. I can understand that the outputs are the SOC, the voltage and the current, but I do not know what to connect in the input. Should I connect it directly to the bus?

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Wenhan Huang
Wenhan Huang on 30 Jul 2021
Hi Costas,
I understand that you are trying to connect bus ports for an exported FMU with simscape model.
As you may know, FMI2.0 and FMI1.0 standards only accept scalar as ports. To comply with FMI standards, Simulink needs to expand Bus signal and array signals, etc into scalar signals. For Buses, Simulink uses the following strategy:
bus1-subbus1-signal1 -> bus1.subbus1.signal1
-signal2 -> bus1.subbus1.signal2
-signal3 -> bus1.signal3
in 2020a+, FMU import block should automatically group scalar signals of a Simulink exported FMU back to Buses, which means you can to directly connect the buses to FMU Import block. For other use cases, the FMU users need to manually connect the scalar signals. You should be able to use a bus selector block to achieve so.
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Wenhan Huang
Wenhan Huang on 30 Jul 2021
Just confirmed with Development, the feature grouping scalar signal to buses is introduced in 17b.

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