The response for updating a field can sometimes take up to 12 seconds . Too slow

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I am working on a home control system .i am using the thingSpeak server to control Nodemcu . The problem is that once i send the GET request to update a specific field it can take up to 12 seconds. And this is so slow. My question is , does this happen with other people before or am i doing something wrong.

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Vinod on 10 Jun 2021
ThingSpeak has an operational metric to respond to requests to update a channel within a few hundred milleseconds of receiving the request. We monitor this metric daily. However, the connectivity to ThingSpeak servers is outside of our control. So, if you have a slow internet connection, or a general lack of network bandwidth on account of use by other processes, it is possible it takes a while for your request to make its way from you device to the ThingSpeak server.
One suggestion I can make is to try the MQTT API to update your ThingSpeak channel. MQTT is a more efficient protocol for machine-to-machine data. Take a look at the API and examples if you need a starting point.

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