How to export Simulink model to win32 co-simulation FMU?

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I would like to export a Simulink-Model as co-simulation FMU to work with it in SIMIT.
But SIMIT only accepts the FMU if it gets the win32 .dll's, which aren't exported by default from Simulink.
Is there a way to tell Simulink to do this?
I tried it with Project-->Share-->Tool-coulpling FMU
but I can't find a way to change the settings.
In this Answer it is described how to export a Standalone FMU for win32, but first, I don't have a license for the simulink-compiler, second I definitely need a co-simulation FMU.

Accepted Answer

Wenhan Huang
Wenhan Huang on 30 Jul 2021
Hi Patrick,
I understand that you are trying to export a Co-Simulation FMU with a 32bits windows library.
Tool-coupling FMU gives you the capability to integrate Simulink and Simulink models into third-party software. It contains 64bit binaries for all platforms and this FMU is mainly used as a communication protocol to exchange data between third-party software and Simulink. This feature is available for standard Simulink license but also requires FMU users to have a Simulink license.
To export standalone Co-sim FMU the Simulink Compiler license is required. This feature gives the FMU users capability to run FMU without a Simulink license.

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