how to solve a integral when the parameters are matrix

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Yingxu Wang
Yingxu Wang on 9 Aug 2013
I gor a equation to sove, but there two parameters are matrix, and the rest are integer. I want to keep all the letters untill the end, so that I can define the letters as numbers.
the equation is
x(t1) = e^(A*(t1-t0))*int(e^(A*(t1-t))*B*(-2*M/(p*s)*(t-t0)+2*M), dt )
here, A and B are matrix, t1, t0, M, p, s are known number. I want to solve this with a new equation.
Thank you so much..

Answers (1)

Mike Hosea
Mike Hosea on 9 Aug 2013
I don't get the final assignment to x(t1) of what I presume to be a matrix result. Also, I am not certain whether e^A means exp(A) (elementwise) or expm(A) (matrix exponential). I will assume the latter. Perhaps something like this?

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