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how to get the string inside exist ?

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Hi, I wanted to search the file names sequentially inside a directory (Note:I haven't included its logic here). Right now my concern is how to read the string '1.png' inside the command 'exist'. so that fname will return a 0 or 2. Thank you.
% now how do i read this tmp inside exist. when i tried as shown below, i get: Undefined function 'exist' for input arguments of type 'cell'.


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kjetil87 on 9 Aug 2013


kjetil87 on 9 Aug 2013
the error you get is because you put .png inside a cell. You can also use strcat as you did but remove
Also i find it weird that you call the output of exist fname, the return of exist(...,'file') is just a number indicating what type of file see help exist , or 0 if the file is not found.
Rakesh Praveen
Rakesh Praveen on 9 Aug 2013
actually there are 1000s of .png files named numerically in a directory. one of the file in between got renamed accidentally. Now i do not know the original name of this renamed file. so i thought i will run the 'for' loop and when the missing file number turns up, 'exist' will return a zero and the loop breaks and that is the location of this renamed file.

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