How to build a delta-connected PMSM simulink model or what's the output of PM Synchronous Motor mean 'R' 'C'?

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英奇 高
英奇 高 on 26 May 2021
Commented: 英奇 高 on 29 May 2021
Dear all,
I want to find a way to build a delta PMSM simulink modle,but i couldn't find any relevant information.All the book i can find only teach me how to build a Y PMSM.Could you tell me something about that?Or whether there is a transition relationship of Rs and L betwenn Y and Delta PMSM?
And i find a modle in simulink that can represent delta PMSM.But i can't understand the mean of outputs 'R' and 'C'.And it's so difference from the Y PMSM i usually see.How can i use this modle to make FOC?
Thank you very much!

Answers (1)

Yoshi Minagawa
Yoshi Minagawa on 28 May 2021
Hello 英奇,
Thank you for your asking.
First, you should convert R and L in the delta connection to the those in the Y connection using the following equations.
(These figures are referenced from the URL below.
Then you can recalculate the values ​​(Ld and Lq) which are used for FOC.
Regarding the meaning of "R" and "C", these are the ports for rotating machine domain in Simscape. Please refer to the following sample model for the basic modeling method of rotating machines using Simscape.
I hope this will help.

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