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fixed-point license problem

Asked by Zhenkai
on 26 Jul 2013
Latest activity Commented on by JuanCa on 9 Oct 2018
I have a Simulinik model that uses fixed-point data type. Previously it runs fine, but recently I renewed the license, and it can't run anymore, which will complain this:
requested use of data type 'sfix32_En16'. Use of this data type requires a fixed-point license, but license checkout failed. To use this model without a fixed-point license, select "Fixed-Point Tool" under "Fixed-Point" from the model's Tools menu. Select the root model in Model Hierarchy. Set "Fixed-point instrumentation mode" to be "Force off", "Data type override" to be "Double" and "Data type override applies to" to be "All numeric types". This replaces most uses of fixed-point data types with floating-point doubles. In rare cases, a few attempts to use restricted data types may still exist. Reconfiguring to use floating-point types and/or inserting Typecasts is necessary in these cases.
The weird thing is I checked the license and it contains "Fixed-Point Toolbox".
Any hints what I should do?
Thank you,


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Hello Zhnkai, i have the same problem my model was working before, and after renewing the licence, and i am getting the same error while compiling the model. can you please let me know how you fixed this problem..
Guillermo on 17 Oct 2013
I have exactly the same problem. Does anybody got a solution?
Doan Vo
on 11 Mar 2014
Hello all, So any solutions? I get the same problem. Thanks.

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1 Answer

Answer by Stefanie Schwarz on 27 Jun 2018

In MATLAB R2012b and older, there are two separate products for Fixed Point: the Fixed-Point Toolbox encompasses fixed-point operations in MATLAB, whereas the Simulink Fixed Point toolbox caters to fixed-point operations in Simulink. This is probably why the license checkout failed error is observed.
This issue will not arise with MATLAB R2013a as the two toolboxes were merged into one.
In order to run the Simulink model, the 'Simulink Fixed Point' toolbox should be downloaded and licensed for, or MATLAB R2013a or higher version should be used.

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JuanCa on 9 Oct 2018
I am running 2014a and have the same issue, was working before and now I am getting the error "This requires the Fixed-Point Designer license." when generating code, this did not happened before

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