How to plot actual time on x-axis in emd

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I am using the built in function for EMD, but I can't get the time periode I used for the signal.
Can anyone help me with assigning time vector on the x-axis for emd?
Thanks in advance,

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Alan Moses
Alan Moses on 10 May 2021
You could manually change the axes labels. You may refer to the gca function which returns a handle to the current axes in the current figure. You may also try adding the following lines to manually change the axes labels on the EMD plot:
%Add the following lines after the EMD function call
a = 5083:5093; %time vector
ax = gca; %fetches handle to EMD plot
ax.XLim(1) = 0; %adjusting x-axis to start from 0
ax.XTickLabel = num2cell(a); %manually changes the x-axis labels
Jan Ali
Jan Ali on 11 May 2021
Thanks again, however the time points are not plotted precisely.

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