if statement gives wrong results or does not work?

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I've got the following if statement within a for loop. In the beggining, i thought it's quite straight forward. I've got a scalar and an array, I have to compare each value of the array with that scalar and after that, to make certain calculations.
a_sat = -1.2;
a = [-5 -2 -7 0 -1 3 5];
for i = 1:length(a)
if a(1:length(a) ) >=a_sat
b = 0.45;
else if a(1:length(a)) < a_sat
b(i) = 3.*a;
This gives an undefined value of b. If I try to remove the counter in the if's, then I get a wrong result for the value of b. can anyone please help me with that? Thank you!

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Iain on 15 Jul 2013
"any" and "all" are your friends,
You have actually written
if ALL of a >= a_sat
set "b"
else, if ALL of a < sat
set "b"
else % (i.e. some of a > sat and some < sat)
do nothing
I don't know what you're actually wanting.
I suspect what you want is something like this
if a(i) > a_sat % if just the "ith" part of a is > a_sat
b = 0.45; % set b to "max"
else %if not...
b = 3*a(i); % b = 3* the "ith" part of a.
Iain on 5 Sep 2014
If result is a matrix, when you take the min, you get a row vector. For that to go into the "then" part of the if statement, the ENTIRE row vector needs to be less than or equal to -0.005.

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