Workaround for linking separate axes without breaking the first link?

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I have a 2x6 plot created using panel.m from file exchange. It will always be two rows, but it will be an undetermined number of columns (if that matters). I want all of them to have linked x-axes, then I want the bottom row to have linked y-axes and the top row to have linked y-axes. Per the documentation of linkaxes() if I try to link separate axes it cancels out the first link. Is there a workaround for this?

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Hyeokjin Jho
Hyeokjin Jho on 28 Apr 2021
ax(1) = subplot(2,2,1);
ax(2) = subplot(2,2,2);
ax(3) = subplot(2,2,3);
l1 = linkprop(ax([1,2]),'ylim');
l2 = linkprop(ax([1,3]),'xlim');
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Amanda Beatty
Amanda Beatty on 28 Apr 2021
Omg that worked. I tried linkprop earlier and it was giving me an error, but maybe my syntax was just wrong. Thank you so much!

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