Is there a way to find the 'mode' of a histogram?

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I generated a histogram (hist3) using two variables, is there a way to find the 'mode' from this histogram?
Thanks !
Sandy on 9 Jul 2013
What I ended up doing was generating a contour graph for the data (2 variables). It contours the data by pairwise frequency distribution. The mode would be the highest point on this graph. That's what I am trying to find.
dpb on 9 Jul 2013
If have Curve Fitting Toolbox,
doc fit
If not you can fit a polynomial model in x and y by generating the coefficient matrix and using \ to solve. You can then solve that for a maximum either analytically or numerically.
Alternatively, you could use interp2 and interpolate on a finer mesh to approximate the maximum.
Similar to that would be the approach outlined earlier of just using the counts from hist3. More bins would produce closer estimates as long as the number of points is large enough per bin to avoid the noise.

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Answers (1)

dpb on 8 Jul 2013
Edited: Image Analyst on 8 Jul 2013
Seems to me would be approximated as
[mx,ix]=max(n); % magnitude of most frequent bin
location would the the ix-th entry in the c cell-array of bin center values

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