Concatenation of nested cell in one array and writing in text file

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How do I rearrange a 8x1 nested cell into one long cell array (variable attached). Each (from 8) cell includes 2x1 cell. My goal is twofold:
  1. saving the of the 8x1 nested cell in a cell array
  2. writing the unnested cell array to a text file

Accepted Answer

Jan on 26 Apr 2021
Data = load('nestedCell.mat');
C = cat(2, Data.nestedCell{:});
FID = fopen('YourFile.txt', 'w');
fprintf(FID, '%-8s%g\n', C{:});
Jan on 26 Apr 2021
Edited: Jan on 26 Apr 2021
Try it:
fprintf('*%-8s*\n', 'asd')
*asd *
fprintf('*%8s*\n', 'asd')
* asd*
The 8 is the number of chars reserved for the output. With - the string is moved to the left, without - to the right. So this is only to have a nice formatted output. See:
doc fprintf

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