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How to get fminsearch values for 3 parameters

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I want to get the values of 3 parameters usring fminsearch
for count = 1 : 25 %loop to generate 25 trials
% For Fminsearch

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Apr 2021
Widen your initguess to be a vector of length 3 instead of a vector of length 2.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Apr 2021
initguess = [1.6, 3.8, -1.2] + rand(1,3)
or similar. The [1.6, 3.8, -1.2] part should be the initial point that you want to choose random points "near". The rand(1,3) should be designed to move meaningfully around the range -- so in some cases you might come out with something like
initguess = [1.6, 3.8, -1.2] + randn(1,3) * 5;
To emphasize, the [1.6, 3.8, -1.2] are purely example values to show you how it is done. The (1,3) on the other hand is the size of the random number to be generated, 1 row and 3 columns.
Josiah Jarenee Comia
Josiah Jarenee Comia on 26 Apr 2021
I understand it more clearly now. Thank you sir!

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