4 way 2 position directional control valve in simscape fluid

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I am not able to get a 4 way 2 position dcv in my simscape library instead there are only 4 way 3 position valve configurations, in the simscape , how to add 4 way 2 position valves and its configurations into my library?

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Jocie Kluger
Jocie Kluger on 26 Apr 2021
Hi Murali,
The 4-Way 2-Position valve was introduced to the Isothermal Liquid library in R2021a. For other domains and releases, it is possible to simulate many 4-Way 2-Position valves using the 4-Way 3-Position library blocks. For aesthetic purposes, you could put a mask over the block so show a picture of a 4-Way 2-Position block.
Hope this helps,

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 26 Apr 2021
There are multiple physical domains that have 4-way valve blocks, so it's not clear from your question which specific domain/block you were looking at. I'll try to answer as much as I can.
For the isothermal liquid (IL) domain, there is a 4-way, 2-position directional valve.
For thermal liquid (TL), Hydraulics, and Gas domains, the 4-way valves all appear to be 4-way, 3 position valves. However, if you have a "zero-lapped" parametrization for your opening vector, you basically get a 4-way, 2 position valve, because spool range for the neutral position shrinks to zero. It's best explained in the "Orifice Opening" section of the Documentation page on the 4-way valve in the Hydraulics domain: https://www.mathworks.com/help/releases/R2021a/physmod/hydro/ref/4waydirectionalvalve.html#bvnvqp8-1
Hope this helps.

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