Curve Fitting an equation

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Arjun Siddharth
Arjun Siddharth on 20 Apr 2021
Commented: Arjun Siddharth on 20 Apr 2021
Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me in developing a code to curve fit equaion 16. The estimate expression obtained is equation 17. I wanted to verify this by coding. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Arjun Siddharth
Arjun Siddharth on 20 Apr 2021
Oh okay. Actually, in my code the value of EI, and L has changed. Any idea how I can modify mew_bar expression to incorporate this change?

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Accepted Answer

William Rose
William Rose on 20 Apr 2021
@Arjun Siddharth, EI appears as a constant factor in the denominator of eq. 16 for . Therefore if you use a different value of EI than the authors, then multiply by the factor .
For different vaues of L, just plug in L into equation 17.

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