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Hello, I am working with matrices and need to monitoring in some steps the info of the matrix, but sometimes instead of having a complete answer, the Matlab shows them with sigmas, like variables. I want to know if there is a way to modify the Matlab to always get the complete info in the matrices, without the sigmas.
For example:
syms E E1 E2 E3;
E1 = -1; E2 = 1; E3 = 0;
N1 = ((E-E2)/(E1-E2))*((E-E3)/(E1-E3));
N2 = ((E-E1)/(E2-E1))*((E-E3)/(E2-E3));
N3 = ((E-E1)/(E3-E1))*((E-E2)/(E3-E2));
b= [diff(N1,E) diff(N2,E) diff(N3,E)];
k= b.* b.'
This is what Matlab shows me:
I want to see the matrix with all the correct info, not with sigma variables.
Valter Silva Nava
Valter Silva Nava on 16 Apr 2021
Hello, I am using the same version, MATLAB R2021a.

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Accepted Answer

G A on 16 Apr 2021
Edited: G A on 16 Apr 2021
You may be running your code in the live editor.
Running the code in a usual script or command window displays the result in the way you want.
To display the results without being abbreviated, set 'AbbreviateOutput' preference to false.
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Valter Silva Nava
Valter Silva Nava on 17 Apr 2021
Thank you for the answer.
if you want to return to the original output display, then use sympref('default')

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