How can I give main title for multi-graphs?

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I have plot with multi graphs. Each one of them have own titles. But can I give the main title for all of the graphs? I mean each graph will have a separate title, but I want to give a collective name at the top.
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

VBBV on 8 Apr 2021
%if true
sgtitle('your title')

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Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 8 Apr 2021
Edited: Monika Jaskolka on 8 Apr 2021
annotation('textbox', [0.45, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5], 'String', 'Global Title', ...
'FontSize', 14, 'FontWeight', 'bold', 'LineStyle', 'none')

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 8 Apr 2021
If you're using tiled layout, assign the title the tiled layout object.
If you're using subplot() to create the axes, use sgtitle as VBBV suggested.
fig = figure();
tlo = tiledlayout(fig, 2, 2);
ax1 = nexttile; title(ax1, 'title 1')
ax2 = nexttile; title(ax2, 'title 2')
ax3 = nexttile; title(ax3, 'title 3')
ax4 = nexttile; title(ax4, 'title 4')
title(tlo, 'Master title')


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