MATLAB Deep Learning Container on NVIDIA GPU Cloud for NVIDIA DGX

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I read the post, 'MATLAB Deep Learning Container on NVIDIA GPU Cloud for NVIDIA DGX'.
It says host machine and client machine and seems to be needed the internet connection
for downloading MATLAB containers.
But in my environment, the network connection is not available.
Could you give me the way how to set the 'standalone' environment of MATLAB deep learning in NVIDIA DGX systems?
I am also wondering about :
Can I just install MATLAB in Linux version on DGX system (with DL, Parallel Comput toolboxes) to use MATLAB deep learning?
Thank you

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 7 Apr 2021
You would just install MATLAB on the system and it should find the GPUs and work, since the DGX is really just a Linux system.
Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 8 Apr 2021
1,2) Yes, you need to download the full install since you can't get to the Internet.
3) assuming that "nvidia-smi" works from a command line this should work. I would expect if the DGX system ships with some version of Linux, nVidia has also installed the relevant drivers for the GPUs in the system.
4) yes
a) a qualified "yes". Just plain old code is fine and will execute. The caveat is if your code includes some sort of OS-dependent actions, like file paths that you have not abstracted using fullfile/filesep or some sort of system() commands that are unique to that operating system ("ls" vs. "dir", etc).
b) I suspect that this qualification and release is underway and it's just taking some time to make it into NVIDIA's systems. 2021a can be installed as a full application in the same manner as 2020b.

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