How to setup multi function card (HUMUSOFT MF634) with Matlab?

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I need to setup a real-time model, for that, I installed the HUMUSOFT MF634 card into the PCIe slot and installed the required drivers (I can see the card in my Device Manager). Now I need to communicate with it using Matlab/simulink, so I installed Simulink Desktop Real-Time in Matlab. I have no prior knowledge on real-time simulations, so please guide me through the next step in order to cummunicate with the MF card or sharing of any related material is also appreciated.
Thanking you,

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 4 Apr 2021
Hi Nagendra,
this depends on what device you want to control using the MF634 board, and what is the type of signals that the device is using to communicate. For example, for a device using analog signals, you would use the Analog Input and Analog Output blocks, in a way shown by the sldrtex_controller example. If your device understands a different type of signal, you would use the corresponding I/O blocks. Please try to take a look at all the examples shipping with Simulink Desktop Real-Time, try to find the example that is most similar to what you are trying to do, and start from that example.
Good Luck, Jan

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Nagendra Vankadari
Nagendra Vankadari on 29 Jun 2021
Edited: Nagendra Vankadari on 15 Nov 2021
Though the accepted answer is having all the required information, I am Interested in giving my answer for the ones with no prior knowledge.
1. First thing is to check wheather the hardware you are using is supported with Matlab/Simulink. for this you can click the link Hardware Support - MATLAB & Simulink (
2. If the hardware is supported, open the Simulink to connect to the hardware.
3. Open the simulink library and go to Simulink Desktopo Real-time blocks and add the required blocks. As an example I am consider an 'Analog Input' block.
4. Double click to access its parameters. In the 'Data acquisition board' section you can see the button 'Install new board'.
5. Click on it and add the board that you are using.
After adding the board you can see the Installed board name below the block as shown in the above image.

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