Errorbar plotting in MATLAB

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Aniruddha Das
Aniruddha Das on 2 Apr 2021
Commented: Aniruddha Das on 5 Apr 2021
I have 3 vectors which contains numerical data. I can calculate the median, positive and Negative standard deviation of these numbers for each vector. I want to plot these 3 vectors in a single graph showing errorbars and also want to visualise each datapoint of each vector in different colors. How to do that?

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Accepted Answer

Meg Noah
Meg Noah on 2 Apr 2021
Edited: Meg Noah on 2 Apr 2021
vec1 = rand(20,1);
vec2 = 20*rand(20,1)-15*rand(20,1);
vec3 = 3*rand(20,1);
med = [median(vec1) median(vec2) median(vec3)];
pos = [3*std(vec1) 3*std(vec2) 3*std(vec3)];
neg = [std(vec1) std(vec2) std(vec3)];
for ivec = 1:3
errorbar(ivec,med(ivec),pos(ivec),neg(ivec),'.','DisplayName',['Vector ' num2str(ivec)]);
hold on;
xlim([0 4]);
% all the data on one plot with error bars
errorbar([1:20]',vec1,pos(1)*ones(20,1),neg(1)*ones(20,1),'.','DisplayName','Vector 1');
hold on;
errorbar([1:20]',vec2,pos(2)*ones(20,1),neg(2)*ones(20,1),'.','DisplayName','Vector 2');
errorbar([1:20]',vec3,pos(3)*ones(20,1),neg(3)*ones(20,1),'.','DisplayName','Vector 3');
xlim([0 21]);

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