4D plot of 3 vectors and 3D array

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I have a 3D array that is dependent on the variables of 3 different vectors. I am trying to make a plot with the axises being the vectors and likely color being the 3D array. Each vector is 10 long and the 3D array is a 10,10,10 array of values that are not a direct equation from the vectors.

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Meg Noah
Meg Noah on 1 Apr 2021
In this project, I show a couple of 3D vis techniques
[Ny,Nx,Nz] = size(data);
[x3d,y3d,z3d] = meshgrid(1:Nx,1:Ny,1:Nz);
s = data; % this if you want to normalize it -> 0.5*(data(:)-mean(data(:)))/std(data(:))+0.5;
s(s<0) = nan;
% s(s>1) = 1; % this is useful if you normalize it
hs = scatter3(x3d(:),y3d(:),z3d(:),0.5*s(:), ...
s(:),'filled','MarkerEdgeColor','none', ...
'MarkerFaceAlpha',0.05), view(-60,60);
axis equal
axis tight

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