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Unable to obtain a smooth 3D Dubins path

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Now, I have created a similar but larger occupancy map and I want a 3D Dubins path between two poses. I have used the exact same code as from the example, except I changed the occupancy map to have a different environment. The planner outputs a path, but when I try to 'interpolate' it using the pre-defined function in the example state space, the interpolated path is exaclty similar to the original one, with no smoothening at sqaure turns.
Can you please tell me how can I smoothen the extremely sharp turns that appear in the path? I tried interpolating to larger and larger number of points (1000 to 10000), but there was no improvement. Please guide me as to how can this problem be solved.
I am attaching sample plot of trajectory for your reference.
darova on 29 Mar 2021
Please attach the code you are interpolating the data
Shubham Kalpande
Shubham Kalpande on 29 Mar 2021
As I said, I am using the exact same code from the MATLAB example file. In the example state space they have defined the interpolate function which connects the waypoints using Dubins connections. I have not changed anything except the occupancy map. Not sure why is it not working

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Accepted Answer

Shubham Kalpande
Shubham Kalpande on 22 May 2021
The reason why the path appears sharp is because of the resolution. The turns are smooth, but since the scales are big, it appears sharp. So, nothing is wrong with the implementation.

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darova on 30 Mar 2021
See this answer about 3d interpolation of data: LINK




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