why do i get zero vector when using USRP N210 with MATLAB using comm.SDRuReceiver ?

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Hadeel S. Abed
Hadeel S. Abed on 28 Mar 2021
Commented: Karunya Choppara on 10 May 2022 at 5:52
i want to recived real TV signal and using the following functions:
radio = comm.SDRuReceiver( 'Platform','N200/N210/USRP2','IPAddress','', ...
spectrumAnalyzer = dsp.SpectrumAnalyzer('InputDomain','Frequency',....
'SampleRate', 1e9,....
'SpectrumType', 'Power density',...
'YLimits', [-130,20],...
'PlotAsTwoSidedSpectrum', false,...
'SpectralAverages', 50, ...
'FrequencySpan', 'Start and stop frequencies', ...
'StartFrequency', 500e6, ...
'StopFrequency', 800e6,...
'Position', figposition([50 30 30 40])) ;
[rxSig, len ] = radio();
why the {rxSig} is zeros and also the plot results is zero.

Accepted Answer

Karunya Choppara
Karunya Choppara on 17 Apr 2021
When len = 0, the data from radio() call is not a valid data, and we see all zeros in the rxSig output.
When providing data to the spectrumAnalyzer, we need to check the condition that len output is greater then 0.
[rxSig, len ] = radio();
if (len>0)

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