Backward compatibility of MCR

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Julius on 10 Jun 2013
The problem I have encountered is:
I compiled an EXE with Matlab compiler on my computer (version R2011a, i.e. MCR version is 7.15), and I gave this EXE to someone who installed Matlab R2012a as well as the corresponding version of MCR (i.e. 7.17).
When he tried to open the EXE, an error message was prompted saying that MCR version 7.15 was required.
Does this mean that MCR is not backward compatible, and I can only distribute my EXE programs among those who have exactly the same Matlab version as mine?

Accepted Answer

Friedrich on 10 Jun 2013
Edited: Friedrich on 10 Jun 2013
yes. The MCR is version specific. See 3rd bullet point here:
You can distribute the MCR installer along with your exe.
Julius on 10 Jun 2013
Thank you!

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