Sequence Classification Using Deep Learning

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Leon on 24 Mar 2021
Currently I am wokring on a Sequence Classification Using Deep Learning.
I have also looked at the example from MATLAB: Sequence Classification Using Deep Learning using japaneseVowelsTrainData
However I have some problems getting the input right with my own data.
I have x amount of secquences all with same length. A(x, 1:30) of the type double. For each sequence A(x,:) I have a classification/string B(x) = {'ClassA'} or B(x) = ('ClassA'), I am not sure wihich one to use.There are in total 6 different classification.
Question 1: I am wondering how I should create the correct sequence type to be able as input?
Question 2: For the training input I assume that the inputSize = 30; Should be based on the fixed length of the sequence. Is this correct?
Question 3: How do I create the correct format for the classification to train the model? How should I convert classification training variable?
Question 4: What should I define at the miniBatchSize as all sequences are the same length and in principle it is one data base?
Thanks you very much in advance for your feedback.

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