How to delete the ending / last characters of files?

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Dear all,
I got a list of '...edf.html' files (e.g. 00014654_s001_t000.edf.html).
I want to delete for all files the '.html' part. How can I do it?

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Rashed Mohammed
Rashed Mohammed on 26 Mar 2021
Edited: Rashed Mohammed on 26 Mar 2021
Hi Haron
As suggested by Stephen, you can use fileparts and movefile functions to delete the '.html' part from your filenames. Below is a sample code.
files = dir('*.edf.html');
for ii=1:length(files)
oldname = files(ii).name;
[path,newname,ext] = fileparts(oldname);
Hope this helps
Haron Shaker
Haron Shaker on 9 Apr 2021
files = dir('/Users/haron/Desktop/Work/Haron/aprikose_edfs/*.edf.html');
for ii=1:length(files)
oldname = fullfile(files(ii).folder,files(ii).name);
[path,newname,ext] = fileparts(oldname);
movefile(oldname,fullfile(path, newname));

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