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How to compile a Standalone App which requires Python?

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I am trying to compile a Standalone App with App designer.
The goal should be that other user can open the App without having Matlab installed.
The App workes on App Designer perfectly. Even if I compile the App and open it on my computer everything runs.
However, if I open the App on an other computer (without MATLAB, Python and CoolProp) the App opens but the calculation can't be done.
I guess the problem is the missing Python and/or CoolProp on the second Computer.
My code uses this function:
rho=py.CoolProp.CoolProp.PropsSI('D','T',273.15+ T_gc_out ,'P',p_h,KM)
Is there a way to compile the App including the required Python and CoolProp software to run my programm? I want to include these files, or codes in the app such that the other users don't have to download Python and CoolProp separately.
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Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 23 Mar 2021
I think you could rather use websave to download Python directly to app root directory from this link, take a look at embeddable package, it's an archive file that you could unpack through MATLAB and use pyenv with input arguments to specify the location of the Python executable. Maybe you could do similarly for CoolProp, I don't know what is it.

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Answers (3)

Rashed Mohammed
Rashed Mohammed on 26 Mar 2021
Hi Giancarlo
As of R2021a, MATLAB doesn't support including external software when deploying an application automatically. However, as Mario suggested, you can try including the embeddable package of python. Note that it does not contain pip to install other packages. Hence, you also need to use the manual local installation instructions present in the CoolProp documentation.
Hope this helps
Jan on 6 Mar 2023
I want to do the same thing i.e. compile a Standalone App with App designer which uses some python functions.
Do I understand correctly that I need to ensure that the embeddable version of python is installed with the correct packages? Does that still work or does matlab does not support this anymore?
I haven't build the App but I'm considering App designer and I don't want to do the effort and afterwards realise it can't be done.
Giancarlo Meccariello
Giancarlo Meccariello on 6 Mar 2023
I do not know if this still works. I am not using Matlab anymore. If you anyways are going to use Python functions, then it is maybe easier to create the UI with Python (Tkinter?) and not using the Matlab app builder.

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Giancarlo Meccariello
Giancarlo Meccariello on 29 Mar 2021
Edited: Giancarlo Meccariello on 29 Mar 2021
I found a way to do so.
I added an "install" button in my app to run
pe = pyenv
app.PyversionEditField.Value = pe.Version %to print the version of python
[v,e] = pyversion; system([e,' -m pip install --user -U CoolProp']) %to install CoolProp
it does the trick
Do you know how to run this three lines of code without having a button? I would like it to run whenever opening the app
Tazura1998 on 4 Dec 2022
Hi all,
I have the same problem as Alexander Heinold. Can some one help or Alexander what to do. I reinstall everything but have the same problem again CPython. I think i need to change the path on the other computer in CMD or powershell but i don't know how?
Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 5 Dec 2022
Hi @Tazura1998, MATLAB has a setenv function which could be used in your case.

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hsin-yu on 16 Feb 2024
Edited: hsin-yu on 16 Feb 2024
I also encountered the same problem. I compiled the thermal property calculation APP on a computer with MATLAB, and packaged the APP and sent it to a user who did not have MATLAB. The user had python installed, but the python environment status was detected as not loaded. Therefore it cannot be calculated.
Is this because the APP cannot execute the command window ?
If the APP has this limitation, how to solve it?
------------------<my code>---------------------------------------------------------------
% Prompt the user for the Python installation directory and provide examples
default_python_dir = 'C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\python.exe';
python_dir_cell = inputdlg('Please enter the directory where Python executable is located:', 'Python Directory', [1, 100], {default_python_dir});
python_dir = char(python_dir_cell);
% If the user cancels input, return
if isempty(python_dir)
% Try to execute pyenv
pe = pyenv("Version", python_dir);
% Display Python environment information
% Convert Python environment information to a string
pe_str = evalc('disp(pe)');
% Display Python environment information string
msgbox(pe_str, 'Python Environment');
% Determine whether to import CoolProp based on whether Python status is loaded
if strcmp(pe.Status, 'Loaded')
% Try to install CoolProp
[v, e] = pyversion;
cmd = [e, ' -m pip install --user -U CoolProp'];
% Display success message box
msgbox('Connected successfully.', 'Success');
% Show error message box
msgbox('Python is not loaded. Please make sure Python version supports MATLAB.', 'Error');
catch ME
% If an error occurs, display an error message box
errorMessage = ME.message;
msgbox(errorMessage, 'Error', 'error');


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