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Game of life and CNN to detect certain objects

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Jahina Alkhanjari
Jahina Alkhanjari on 22 Mar 2021
Answered: Vineet Joshi on 26 Mar 2021
Hello everyone,
I generated many figures of Game of Life using (drawnow) function, then I trained AlexNet on some images. For testing I want figures generated by (drawnow) to be as a test for AlexNet, for example if a certain shape is detected I get a Label and a bounding box. Would you Please help me on that?
For training AlexNet I used imageDatastore function.
Thanks in advance

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Vineet Joshi
Vineet Joshi on 26 Mar 2021
In order to detect certain shapes (With bounding boxes) from the figures, you need to train an object detection model that is used for locating instances of objects in images or videos.
The following link discusses what is object detection and how you can work on object detection with MATLAB.
You can also refer to the following example to see how to train an object detection model.
Hope this helps.

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