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the 'stepImpl' method of the System object 'Simulatio​n3DActorRa​yTraceRead​' returned a value that has data type 'double', which does not match the data type 'single' returned by the 'getOutputDataTypeImpl' method

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Abishek Joseph Rocque
Abishek Joseph Rocque on 21 Mar 2021
Answered: Pavan Guntha on 24 Mar 2021
If I try to open the simulation window from unreal editor using the "Simulation 3D Scene Configuration" block, i get this error of datatype mismatch (highlighted in the end of the error). Kindly requesting for help on how to fix this?
Build summary:
Updating Model Reference Simulation Targets
Elapsed: 0.205 sec
### Starting serial model reference simulation build ### Model reference simulation target for Driveline is up to date. ### Model reference simulation target for PassVeh14DOF is up to date. ### Model reference simulation target for SiMappedEngineV is up to date.
Build Summary
Elapsed: 0.1 sec
0 of 3 models built (3 models already up to date) Build duration: 0h 0m 0.376s
In the Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block, you set the scene source to 'Unreal Editor'. In Unreal Editor, select 'Play' to view the scene.
An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated
Caused by:

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Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha on 24 Mar 2021
There are multiple possible root causes for this issue. Please try the following troubleshooting steps to gather more information about the root cause of the error:
1. What graphics card is in use on the machine running the visualization? Execute the following command to display graphics information:
>> opengl info
This error may occur if the graphics card and/or drivers do not meet the minimum system requirements for 3D Simulation Environments in the Automated Driving Toolbox. Refer to the following documentation page for the exact requirements:
2. Are you able to run a simplified model containing 3D visualization?
There is a simplified example attached to this article which contains "Simulation 3D Scene Configuration" and "Simulation 3D Vehicle Ground Following" blocks. Please try running it on your machine; when the simulation runs it should open up a visualization of a non-moving car.
If this example runs but more complicated demos do not, it is likely that your system does not meet the minimum requirements stated in the documentation above.
3. Does the error persist in the most recent release and update of MATLAB available?
Some issues have been resolved in recent updates; please try upgrading if possible to see if the issue persists.
Verify that there are no Unreal Engine processes running before starting the simulation.
These may include VehicleSimulation.exe or AutoVrtlEnv.exe. The simulation may encounter issues if there are other processes communicating with the Unreal Engine in the background.
4. Finally, you may also try running the visualization examples at a reduced sample rate.
In most demos, the default sample time of the 3D Scene Configuration block is small, 1/40s for example.
Increasing the sample time may reduce the overhead requirements needed to run the simulation, which in some instances resolves the error but will lead to reduced performance of the visualization.


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