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How to create own binary signal in simulink ?

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Jozef Vendel
Jozef Vendel on 21 Mar 2021
Answered: Pavan Guntha on 25 Mar 2021
I would like to display this signal in the simulation x (t) = 100110110100101, which passes through the AWGN channel. I found the signal builder tool, where I entered this signal and played it through the awgn channel and displayed it with a scoope, but I still have no result.

Accepted Answer

Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha on 25 Mar 2021
Using 'Signal builder' to generate binary signals might not work because the output of this block is of type 'double'. You may refer to the documentation of signal builder. Instead, you can try using signal editor block with which you can generate binary signals.
Another alternative is to use from workspace block where you can define the binary signal in MATLAB workspace and give that signal as input to this block.

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