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Dejan Milosevic
Dejan Milosevic on 20 Mar 2021
Commented: Dejan Milosevic on 22 Mar 2021
Dear All
Im sending some data and read them with phone app made with app inventor. Everything works nice except one thing which is not big but let me ask. Looking at the field chart date and time are exactly as send but when I read them using field created_at time is allways one hour less then the right one like on the chart is there a way to read this right or to do some math!?
Best regards and thank you

Accepted Answer

Vinod on 20 Mar 2021
What is the time zone of your account? You can log in to ThingSpeak and go to the 'My Profile' and see it.
Dejan Milosevic
Dejan Milosevic on 22 Mar 2021
Thank you again for your effort

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