How can I fix my plots?

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Paris M.
Paris M. on 17 Mar 2021
Answered: Alberto Mora on 17 Mar 2021
Please refer to the code included below, which aims to plot the transient response, velocity and acceleration of a SDOF system based on the Convolution integral solution for a half-sine pulse excitation.
The above code results in the plots below. Can anyone please tell me why I am obtaining these gray boxes on my graphs and what I can do to remove them and see my curves?
Thank you!

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Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora on 17 Mar 2021
Hello, few notes:
  • Please, insert the code as TEXT (in the proper 'code' format), not as an image, otherwise it is difficult to help you with modification of your own code
  • Try to enlarge the figure in full-screen, and upload the image.

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