How to pull edit box string from uicontrol

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Hi all,
Having trouble getting the program to recognize the text entered by the user. It reads as empty because that is what is first called. Tried using callback, but it gets messy when the uicontrol needs to be defined in the callback value and the callback value needs to be defined in the uicontrol.
Here's what I have:
[~, ~, read] = xlsread('C:\Users\mpaulosk\Desktop\Folder\prelim_gui.xls','Sheet1');
paramtext = vertcat(read(2,1))
descriptext = vertcat(read(2,2))
descripedit = vertcat(read(3,2));
paramedit = vertcat(read(8,1));
paramtext = uicontrol('Style', 'text', 'String', descriptext,...
'Position', [100 350 100 40]);
test = uicontrol ('Style', 'text', 'String', descripedit,...
'Position', [100 295 100 40]);
paramedit = uicontrol('Style', 'edit', ...
'Position', [200 375 100 20]);
edittest = uicontrol('Style', 'edit', ...
'Position', [200 320 100 20], 'Callback','helppppppp')
I can explain further if not clear. Thanks!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 May 2013
edittest = uicontrol('Style', 'edit', ...
'Position', [200 320 100 20], 'Callback', @helppppppp);
function helppppppp(hObject, event)
current_string = get(hObject, 'String');
Now that you have it, what do you want to do with it?
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Meaghan on 30 May 2013
Thank you!! I got it to work, now I'm writing it to another excel file, but I'm better with that.
Thanks again!

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Andrew Lanman
Andrew Lanman on 31 Aug 2018
@Walter Roberson Thank you, been looking for a solution to this issue for over a week now.

LO on 31 May 2019
as an alternative, instead of using an external function
you could type
edittest = uicontrol('Style', 'edit', 'Position', [200 320 100 20], 'Callback', 'val=ea.String;');
with the edited text stored in "val". If you want to save the string as number just use val=str2num(ea.String).


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