Which are the state and measurement functions employed in insfilterAsync?

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Said Quqa
Said Quqa on 17 Mar 2021
Answered: Brian Fanous on 17 Mar 2021
I was wondering which are the nonlinear state (f(x)) and measurement (g(x)) functions employed in insfilterAsync objects since, at the end of the dedicated documentation page, only the state function is reported. Still, it does not seem compatible with the structure of the state (e.g., the position appears not to be a part of the state function).

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Brian Fanous
Brian Fanous on 17 Mar 2021
The documentation describes the state vector and the state transition function. The insfilterAsync uses a continuous time motion model and discrete time measurements. So the state update equation is dx/dt = f(x(t)). In the documentation you can see that the position is elements 8:10 of the state vector. The derivate is the velocity which are elements 8:10 of the f(x(t)) function.
The measurement equations are not in the documentation. To see the equations, for the magnetometer fusion, in the code, type
edit insfilterAsync/fusemag

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