different colours in title MATLAB 2020B

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how can i get the colours in my title to be those stated colours so the text 'Green/Healthy' in the actual colour green.
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David K.
David K. on 16 Mar 2021
The Add Title page has the answer to this.
strcat(['\color{green}Green/Healthy= ',num2str(Healthy),',\color{orange}/Infected= ',...
num2str(Infected),', \color{red}Red/Sick= ',num2str(Sick),', \color{blue}Blue/Recovered= ',...
Please use the code entering functionality. The image makes it a lot harder for us than it needs to be.
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Zayd Islam
Zayd Islam on 16 Mar 2021
David you are a lifesaver aplogies for the pictures and not the code this was my first time asking a question

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