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can't import datastore

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harel yadid
harel yadid on 16 Mar 2021
Commented: harel yadid on 22 Mar 2021
hi guys,
i'm trying to upload my files to a datastore with the line:
Myds = datastore(MyAdress,'IncludeSubfolders',true,'FileExtensions','.csv','Type','taulartext','TreatAsMissing','NA'...
it worked great with my files so far, but i just recieved a new data, and apperently now it is not able to read it.
the error i recieve is as follows :
Cannot detect TextScanFormats from file: "...........\......\....." . Specifty TexstScanFormats when you create the datastore. Verify te Text Format and Advanced Text Format Properties.
i went into the problematic file and i realized it's the first file on the first folder, and apperently he only has the headers but no data (it can happen some times but didn't have this problem with reading it so far. the other files in the list are full of data (around 10Gb))
how can i solve this problem?
what i tried :
  1. play with the TextScanFormats, no success so far. "%f" and "%s" both failed
  2. reading if some1 else had the same problem but couldn't find
i am using matlab 2020

Answers (1)

Rashed Mohammed
Rashed Mohammed on 19 Mar 2021
Hi harel,
You can mitigate the issue by using the TextscanFormats Name-Value pair while creating the datastore. Note that you must specify the textscan format for each column/variable of the table.
For example, if the file has 5 columns with the 3rd column being a character array and the rest are numbers, then the value of the TextscanFormats name-value pair would be {'%f','%f','%q','%f','%f'}
Hope this helps.
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harel yadid
harel yadid on 22 Mar 2021
hi Rashed, i'm afraid this tactic won't do any good since i have more then 1900 different coloumns

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