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Matlab Code to extract the matrices from .op4 file format of MSC Nastran to readable .csv format

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Hello All,
I am in the process of performing Craig Bampton Model Order Reduction on a model to obtain its flexibility in Simscape.
I have performed the FE analysis on MSC Nastran and extracted the file containing the mass and stiffness matrices in .op4 file format.
Can you please tell me if there is any code in Matlab to extract the matrices from the .op4 file format and convert into a readable .csv form?
Thank you in advance
Goutham Sajja

Accepted Answer

Ananya Tewari
Ananya Tewari on 1 Apr 2021
As of now there is no direct function to read .op4 file and extract the matrices from it.
Please refer to this question, for extracting data from .op4 files. An alternative would be using ExportNastranKM from File Exchange.
Hope this helps !
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William VILLERS on 15 Oct 2021
I fail to see how this is an accepted answer... The thread is a code sample from 3 years ago reading a subset of an op4 with a question on performance improvement... The only response is "I don't know, but try this".
The question remains: is there somewhere a generic op4 reader that can read and store the different matrices stored in the op4 created by a Nastran superelement run?

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