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Run Matlab parallel on multi-nodes of a remote cluster with SGE scheduler

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I am using a local cluster and at the moment I am able to run matlab parallel codes on a single node (using parpool). However, the calculations are heavy and running them on a single node made lots of problem for other users. I want to distribute my workers over several nodes. The problem is we can not use the Matlab job scheduler and should use SGE (Sun Grid Engine) for scheduling jobs. I already defined a generic cluster and validated it. I used the instruction in this link and tried to run the Matlab code by qsub But I got this error:
Error in communicatingsge (line 21)
Caused by:
Error using communicatingSubmitFcn (line 112)
Submit failed with the following message:
Unable to run job: denied: host "compute-0-0.local" is not a submit host
Could anyone help me please to solve this? unfortunatelly the support team are not familiar with Matlab and can not help me. I would appriciate if there are other suggestions regarding how to do this. If this is helpful I should say that the cluster has both MPI and OpenMP.
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Alvaro on 19 Jan 2023
I cannot access the link you gave but this might work:
In particular, look at the linked plugin and the comments in that answer.


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