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Histogram plot of laser beam

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I have the image shown below from this I have plotted the intensity profile as well as the histogram plot the two graphs are attached above. But I was told that histogram plot is not correct and it should give me the highest value at the highest value of the peak means 2.5* 10^4 as shown in the intensity profile plot. I used imhist() command to plot the histogram. Can anyone tell me how can I get the correct histogram?

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Prabhan Purwar
Prabhan Purwar on 19 Mar 2021
Histograms are a way of visualizing the predominant intensities of an image, not the highest intensity region. As a definition, image histograms are a count of the number of pixels that are at a certain intensity. When represented as a plot, the x-axis is the intensity value, and the y-axis is the number of pixels with that intensity value. Intensity histogram is sometimes referred to as a bar graph of intensity in general terminology and seems fit as per the description.

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