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Unable to resolve the name internal.s​tats.stats​izechk.

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clear all;
close all;
nr = 0;
n = 10e5;
a = normrnd(12, 0.06); % this is where im getting an error

Answers (1)

Alan Moses
Alan Moses on 16 Mar 2021
You may try to uninstall and reinstall the Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox to see if that solves the issue.
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Charles Guan
Charles Guan on 23 Mar 2021
Edited: Charles Guan on 23 Mar 2021
I also have this issue when I run unifrnd on MATLAB R2018b, Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox 11.4.
I reinstalled the Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox but am still receiving the same error.
Fyi, MATLAB is able to find internal.stats.statsizechkM but not internal.stats.statsizechk . Not sure why?
The error I get
>> unifrnd(1,2)
Undefined variable "internal" or class "internal.stats.statsizechk".
Error in unifrnd (line 23)
[err, sizeOut] = internal.stats.statsizechk(2,a,b,varargin{:});

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