Invisible file in uigetfile

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I'm making an app and I'm trying to use uigetfile to select a text file to open and analyze, but when I run uigetfile with no arguments these files are not visible in the ui. Windows says these text files are of type "File" which is probably why these files aren't showing up. If I manually enter the filenames, MATLAB has no problem opening them up, but that isn't really an ideal way for the app to work. Any ideas on how to make these files visible in uigetfile?

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Monisha Nalluru
Monisha Nalluru on 12 Mar 2021
uigetfile function opens a diaglog by default checking to all MATLAB files.
You can change the option to "All Files" in order to display the text files in dialog box.
Or use filter option with uigetfile function
As an example
filename = uigetfile("*.txt"); % opens a dialog box with all filenames ending with .txt

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