Delete empty cells in array; keep column / row structure

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I have a 17x31 cell array (A) with empty cells. I need to delete all empty cells and reduce the array accordingly. I.e. in the example screenshot the output should be a 17x2 array.
With the following code I get a single column (34x1):
newA = A(~cellfun(@isempty, A));
Any ideas?

Answers (1)

Basil C.
Basil C. on 6 Mar 2021
the function cellfun iterates through each cell in the cell array A.
Suppose if 31 elements where to remain rather than 34, then should the resultant cell matrix have the size of (1x31)??? or should it be (17x2) with last three elements empty??? to avoid such confusion the resultant is stored in the form of (n x 1)


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