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How to perform 1way-ANOVA with matrices

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I would like to perform a 1-way ANOVA test to compare 3 groups such as I get group1 VS group2, group1 VS group3, group2 VS group3.
My "groups" are 100x3 matrices in which each column conrespond to a coordinates (x,y,z).
My question is, should I perform the ANOVA for each coordinate such as I get a comparison between the x axis of each group, then the y and so on?
Or do you have any other suggestion?

Accepted Answer

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 3 Mar 2021
manova might be a better approach, since it allows you to combine information from all three variables (x,y,z) into a single test of group equality.
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 5 Mar 2021
No, that doesn't really look right to me. At least as I understand your design, you want something like this:
X = [tr1; tr2];
Group = [ones(size(tr1,1),1); 2*ones(size(tr2,1),1)];
[d,p,stats] = manova1(X,Group)

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