Problem in serial communication in Simuilnk

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Yongjun on 16 May 2013
Hello, I am a student in Korea. So my English may be poor. Please understand me. I am using Simulink(MATLAB 2012b) to communicate with AVR(ATmega128) by UART. Everything is perfect except the sampling time. The communication is executed in real time when it is set to operate at less than 25Hz. But my control system needs the data refresh frequency of at least 50Hz or more. The operation of Simulink seems to be saturated when it is set at the higher frequency than 25Hz. The AVR is directly connected to PC with RS-232 serial port on the mainboard. What can I do to increase the rate of sampling in UART communication? Do I have to get some additional hardware? Please help me.
Thank you for reading.
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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 16 May 2013
You may also want to specify which blockset/Simulink library your UART blocks are from.

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Valmir Sadiku
Valmir Sadiku on 16 May 2013
one possible solution is to use 'Real-Time Windows Target' :<>
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Valmir Sadiku
Valmir Sadiku on 22 May 2013
maybe you can run the model in the 'Accelerator'-Mode and this will hopefully speedup your system.

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