Extract data from pdeplot to use contourf

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Johnny Yoon
Johnny Yoon on 1 Mar 2021
Commented: Johnny Yoon on 4 Mar 2021
Hello all,
I solved a pde and plotted the result with the code as follows. From the plotted figure, I would like to extract data to plot same or similar figure using contourf. Is there any way to do? Thank you very much in advance.
model = createpde();
R1 = [3,4,0,1,1,0,0,0,1,1]';
g = decsg(R1);
mesh = generateMesh(model,'Hmax',0.25);
results = solvepde(model);

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Rashed Mohammed
Rashed Mohammed on 3 Mar 2021
Hi Johnny
If you need a contour plot of the PDE model, please use the Contour Name-Value pair while using the pdeplot function as follows
You can customize the plot using various Name-Value pairs present here.
Hope this helps.
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Johnny Yoon
Johnny Yoon on 4 Mar 2021
Hi Rashed,
Thank you for the information. This is helpful. Is there any way to extract data out of that, so that I can contourf command to plot?

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